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We focus on working with clients in the legal, financial, real estate, healthcare, insurance and technology fields, and we help them to implement highly effective communications initiatives that include media coverage as well as blogs, websites, e-mail marketing, newsletters, social media, and other marketing and communications strategies. Call us at 305.595.6640

Media Communications & Coverage

Positive media coverage is one of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses and organizations.  Nothing else can generate awareness and credibility on a mass scale as effectively as coverage in consumer media and industry outlets.Read More


The use of blogs as a forum for timely information and insights has become one of the pillars of today’s practice of public relations.  Blogs enable companies and organizations to drive the conversation in their industry.  Over time, they can become one of the leading sources for information on timely and important issues for industry followers on a national and even international level.Read More


Everything that defines and identifies your company or organization should find a place in your website.  By expanding the site to include detailed information about all of the different facets of your work, it becomes the primary showplace for all of your activities and communications.Read More

Email Marketing

Email communications can be extremely effective for most businesses and organizations, but email marketing can also easily backfire and irritate the recipients if it does not follow some very important protocols.  Spam email, or anything that resembles it in the form of purely self-promotional puffery with no helpful informational content, is abhorrent to many, and it can do considerable harm to the reputation and image of those who use it. Read More

Social Media

There is no facet of marketing that has received more hype and attention than social media during the last 10 years.  Much has been said about its benefits and cost-efficiency, and it has quickly evolved into its own unique art form and discipline. Read More

Newsletters, Brochures & Mailers

The world of marketing and public relations has shifted to focus on electronic media and communications channels, but the tried and true printed brochures, newsletters and mailers continue to play important roles as highly effective staples of most organizations’ marketing efforts.Read More

Videos, Podcasts & Photos

In today’s digital age, the organizations that make effective use of audio/visual communications and photography to help to craft and maintain their image and reputation are truly seeing superlative results.  Ubiquitous hi-speed broadband, Wi-Fi, tablets and smart phones have created the platform for videos and podcasts to effectively reach a significant portion of your target customers and prospects, and referral sources are able to use them when introducing your organization to their contacts. Read More

Community & Industry Involvement

Taking part in community and industry initiatives is critical to building and maintaining an image and reputation for excellence and leadership.  By expanding the site to include detailed information about all of the different facets of your work, it becomes the primary showplace for all of your activities and communications. Read More