Everything that defines and identifies your company or organization
should find a place in your website.

By expanding the site to include detailed information about all of the different facets of your work, it becomes the primary showplace for all of your activities and communications.

web-newThere is also another highly important and meaningful result that comes from expanding your website with keyword-rich content. Google and the other search engines focus their search algorithms to look for the most applicable content to the given search terms. By including throughout the website the keywords and phrases that would generate the desired search engine results, websites with expansive and detailed content rise to the top of the search rankings.

Our firm has helped scores of clients to create and maintain websites that have become the primary hub for all of their communications and secured countless leads from new prospects as a result of their search rankings with all of the major search engines.

Julio Garcia PR

Miami public relations firm with over two decades of experience

Julio Garcia PR is a Miami public relations firm led by a South Florida PR agency veteran with more than thirty years of experience.  Our founder established the firm in 2002, and over the years we have helped many businesses and organizations to achieve media and marketing results that exceed even their loftiest goals.  We focus on working with clients in the legal, financial, real estate, healthcare, insurance and technology industries, and we help them to implement highly effective communications initiatives that that include media coverage as well as blogs, websites, e-mail marketing, newsletters, social media, and other marketing and communications strategies.

Contact us at 305.595.6640 or via e-mail at Julio@JulioGarciaPR.com.