Email communications can be extremely effective for most businesses and organizations, but email marketing can also easily backfire and irritate the recipients if it does not follow some very important protocols.

Spam email, or anything that resembles it in the form of purely self-promotional puffery with no helpful informational content, is abhorrent to many, and it can do considerable harm to the reputation and image of those who use it.

email-sampleOur founder has helped clients to create and maintain ongoing email communications with open- and click-rates that far exceed the industry averages. He works very closely with clients to ensure that every email includes valuable information and insights that are helpful to the recipients in their respective industries. The emails help to build and reinforce the level of awareness and prestige that our clients wish to maintain as leading voices for authoritative insight in their fields.

In addition, by using article summaries in the emails and including hyperlinks to the full articles in clients’ blogs and websites, the emails become excellent drivers for traffic and new visitors to the sites, and new readers routinely submit their email addresses via subscription boxes in the sites in order to receive all of the future articles.

Julio Garcia PR

Miami public relations firm with over two decades of experience

Julio Garcia PR is a Miami public relations firm led by a South Florida PR agency veteran with more than thirty years of experience.  Our founder established the firm in 2002, and over the years we have helped many businesses and organizations to achieve media and marketing results that exceed even their loftiest goals.  We focus on working with clients in the legal, financial, real estate, healthcare, insurance and technology industries, and we help them to implement highly effective communications initiatives that that include media coverage as well as blogs, websites, e-mail marketing, newsletters, social media, and other marketing and communications strategies.

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