There is no facet of marketing that has received more hype and attention than social media during the last 10 years.

Much has been said about its benefits and cost-efficiency, and it has quickly evolved into its own unique art form and discipline.

socialOur founder has helped businesses to launch company profiles and pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. He works with them to constantly update their social media sites, and for clients with blogs he uses automatic feeds so that all new blog posts automatically appear as updates and entries in their social media sites.

Just as with websites, social media sites also benefit greatly from ongoing updates and an archive of useful and interesting information, links, photos, videos and other content. Our founder works closely with clients to constantly create and post new status updates and other content on their social media sites that help to establish and maintain their identities as leaders in their respective industries.

Julio Garcia PR

Miami public relations firm with over two decades of experience

Julio Garcia PR is a Miami public relations firm led by a South Florida PR agency veteran with more than thirty years of experience.  Our founder established the firm in 2002, and over the years we have helped many businesses and organizations to achieve media and marketing results that exceed even their loftiest goals.  We focus on working with clients in the legal, financial, real estate, healthcare, insurance and technology industries, and we help them to implement highly effective communications initiatives that that include media coverage as well as blogs, websites, e-mail marketing, newsletters, social media, and other marketing and communications strategies.

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