In today’s digital age, the organizations that make effective use of audio/visual communications and photography to help to craft and maintain their image and reputation are truly seeing superlative results.

Ubiquitous hi-speed broadband, Wi-Fi, tablets and smart phones have created the platform for videos and podcasts to effectively reach a significant portion of your target customers and prospects, and referral sources are able to use them when introducing your organization to their contacts.

Written communications will almost always comprise the lion’s share of the marketing and PR efforts, but videos and podcasts enable organizations to showcase their leaders and demonstrate how informed they are on the very latest topics impacting their fields. By creating a YouTube channel and updating it regularly with new videos, which should vary from brief informational commentaries on timely topics to videos from special events and community/industry initiatives, organizations are able to effectively integrate videos into their website, blogsites and other social media platforms.  Additionally, as an added bonus, the videos can also often find their way into the top of the organic search results from Google and the other leading search engines by using the appropriate headlines, descriptions and search tags.

Showcases of photographs grouped into individual slideshows in Facebook as well as using the Flickr photo-sharing service will similarly make effective use of photos that illustrate the organization’s activities. These images also serve as ideal complements to most blog/newsletter articles and social media updates.

Just as with the videos, audio podcasts comprised of simple audio files in an organization’s website, blogs and social media sites can be used to accompany blog/newsletter articles and other written communications on timely topics. These short narratives that are quickly and easily recorded at your desk using any computer or digital recorder provide an immediate communications platform that has the added benefit of creating a warmer and more personalized feel than written communications.

Julio Garcia has helped organizations to create YouTube channels and integrate videos, podcasts and photography into all of their communications initiatives. By expanding our clients’ marketing efforts with these audio/visual communications, we are able to help organizations to create a personality that truly differentiates them from the others in their field and resonates with their target audiences.

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